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Shoeless John Daly drives a ball off a beer can and chugs it, all while smoking

At this point we all know John Daly’s legendary exploits, but perhaps no video has ever captured his nature as well as him driving a golf ball off a beer can and then chugging the beer.

Behold the beauty, the glory. A full crowd of holiday-goers waiting to watch Daly drive the ball off a beer can. There are four key things that makes this moment amazing.

  1. Obviously the beer can being used as a tee. It’s hard to tell whether this is a really skinning Michelob Ultra can, or a 24 oz can of Bud Light — but either way it’s great.
  2. Smoking while driving — flawlessly.
  3. Party shorts that would make Jimmy Buffet jealous.
  4. No shoes, no problem.

After driving the ball, Daly runs to the fallen beer like a new parent rushes to the changing table when their baby is about to roll off.

You keep doing you, John Daly — responsibly.