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Late Steve Ott hit leads to Canadiens-Rangers brawl in Game 2

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Tensions are boiling.

The Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers totaled a mind-boggling 98 hits in Game 1. They were too busy trying to hurt each other to bother scoring.

The goals came early in Game 2, but the truly hard hits waited until the second period. The Canadiens killed off a Rangers power play, but center Steve Ott made a late run at Rangers winger Mats Zuccarello that led to a near-brawl.

Ott actually found himself outside of the scrum as it erupted. Habs defenseman Jordie Benn threw punches at Zuccarello, while Shea Weber tangled with Rangers forward J.T. Miller. Miller and Weber earned five-minute fighting majors, Benn and Zuccarello earned two-minute roughing minors, and Ott earned nothing. Montreal got a power play out of it.

Hockey’s rules are sometimes weird and uneven with their justice dispensation. New York leads the series, 1-0, and trailed 2-1 at the time of the chaos.