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This cat delayed a baseball game in Japan, and the photos are majestic

It turns out cat invasions aren’t exclusive to the U.S.

On Thursday, a Nippon Professional Baseball game was delayed by a cat invader. The Hanshin Tigers and Yokohama BayStars were in the top of the ninth when the feline friend majestically ran onto the field. Soon after, it jumped into the camera pit, never to be seen again — at least from the crowd’s point of view, because it’s probably chilling with a caring employee.

Baseball and cats have more in common than you realize. Just to name a few instances: there was that black cat that purportedly cursed the Cubs in 1969; the Rays’ Matt Duffy has a chubby cat named Skeeter; this cat kept trying to catch a ball during the World Series; this cat caused a game delay during a minor league game; this fictional baseball cat only exists in the mobile game Neko Atsume, and his name is (no joke) “Joe DiMeowgio”; and most recently, we have Marlins Cat who invaded a game on Tuesday and was later adopted by a Marlins employee.

Anyway, the broadcast version does not do this cat invasion any justice, so here are some photos taken at the game, capturing the emotions of the cat that only professional photography can:

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

(via Cut4/MLB)