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This French bulldog is the coolest of all skateboarding dogs

If you’re gonna be a skateboarding dog, you have to have short legs.


This lil’ French bulldog has either taught itself or been trained to skateboard!

It’s better than me at shredding, honestly. I think I would have fallen off as soon as I pushed off. And although it took a few spills, it popped right back on that board and kept going.

I have no idea where its owner is, but I do know this dog is in Clissold Park, which is in London.

Another thing I’ve noticed and that Deadspin pointed out is that the best skateboarding dogs seem to be bulldogs. Perhaps it’s because they’ve got short legs, so they’re close to the board and can balance better.

Also, they look particularly cool while doing it:

That’s English bulldog Otto. Here’s our friend from today:

The smaller the dog, the cooler they look.

I’m imaging a greyhound skateboarding now with its legs all over the place and I’m howling. Or, picture a Saint Bernard. Even better.

See, the bigger the dog, the less cool it is boarding:

Look at this bull terrier — just ridiculous. Leave it to the bulldogs.