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Tennis match gets interrupted by passionately loud sex noises


This has got to be the most bizarre stoppage of play in any sport. During a Sarasota Open match between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger, you could hear the sound of people having sex. The announcer kept his cool throughout, and said it was an embarrassing situation caused by a phone randomly playing porn.

It sounds like the makings of a harsh prank, but that wasn’t the case. People were actually having sex nearby. There’s a lot to unpack here.

At some point, Tiafoe knows that they’re not going to stop having sex, so why not crack a few jokes? He screams, “IT CAN’T BE THAT GOOD.” There is a 0 percent chance that the people having sex heard that. Still, the crowd attending the match seemed to like it. — Hector Diaz

The best part is this mom trying to get her son to cover his ears. Then he actually does it! Good kid. — Molly Podlesny

Krueger sent a tennis ball flying across the lake in an effort to stop it. Assuming this is the lake based on the address from the Sarasota Open website — which doesn’t seem like it’s big — he certainly could have hit his target. Though as the video indicated, even if it made it, it didn’t stop the couple. — Harry Lyles Jr.

Our reaction, the first time we watched this video. — Harry Lyles Jr.

The owner of the apartment has to get evicted for this. While that lake doesn’t appear to be big, the fact that a broadcast was able to pick up the sounds from the sex means that whomever is living above, below, left, or right of them were basically in the room with them. — Harry Lyles Jr.

lmao tennis sex — Tim Cato

This can’t be the first time this has happened. Every tenant in the apartment is sure to have their own story by now. And now, tennis fans have one too. — Hector Diaz

1:55 into the video, the broadcaster says in a surprising voice that “he can hear it” and “it’s still going.” Somebody’s telling on themselves. — Harry Lyles Jr.


I live with three roommates. We’ve all been here before. — Tim Cato