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Mets umpire stops mid-game to smell barbecue wrapper

This umpire isn’t the hero we need; he’s the one we deserve.

It’s been impossible to find video of this moment, so we’re taking @MetsKevin11’s word for it on this one. It sure does look like the umpire is sniffing a wrapper. But from where?

Thanks to a little investigation, we’re reasonably certain this is a wrapper for Blue Smoke, a barbecue restaurant inside Citi Field.

I support Mets umpire in his sniff desires. There are a lot of reasons this behavior is acceptable.

  1. Postgame meal reconnaissance: By multitasking, he’s picking a place to eat.
  2. It’s barbecue: The smell lingers and is delicious long after the food is gone.
  3. Maybe he’s a super-sniffer and can work out all the sauce ingredients.

In the interest of fairness, here’s a reason why it’s unacceptable:

  1. It’s some stranger’s gross, thrown-away food wrapper and you don’t know if they keep their hands clean or have some weird butt problem.

To be honest, I’d probably sniff it too.