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Serena Williams just revealed she’s pregnant on Snapchat

Serena Williams shared some special news on Snapchat on Wednesday morning:

The tennis legend is 20 weeks pregnant, and she’s about to reclaim No. 1 in the world. Now THAT is living your best life all at once. Williams won the Australian Open in January and is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, which she also revealed on Snapchat in December.

It’s been a wonderful few months for Serena. After the Australian Open, she took some time to unwind and relax by singing songs from Disney’s Moana:

She also played a little tennis — albeit an unscheduled pickup game late at night after walking past a tennis court:

Now we just have to wait for the name! And the eventual reality that this kid will be a tennis and internet superstar.

UPDATE: Serena Williams has deleted the photo from her Snapchat, and the WTA deleted a tweet with a screenshot of Serena’s snap congratulating her on the baby. There is no further update at this time.