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This 'Sailor Moon' ice skating routine will leave you feeling nostalgic

Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva stole the show in Tokyo during the gala of the 2017 World Team Trophy when she took to the ice for an incredible Sailor Moon inspired routine that’s pure nostalgia.

It begins with protagonist Usagi Tsukino waking up in the middle of the ice in a start — in typical Sailor Moon fashion. She runs around the ice before reaching into the stands and finding her cat, Luna.

From there, Medvedeva reveals she was Sailor Moon all along by rolling up the socks that were covering her skates and showing they were hiding the character’s signature thigh-high socks.

The crowd erupts and everyone is very much into this whole routine. Medvedeva skates to the entire opening theme song, which absolutely works. Ice skating galas are truly some of the best stuff in the sports. Away from the grand technicality of competition the athletes get to show their personalities more — which makes this great.

If you’re feeling as nostalgic about Sailor Moon right now as we are, just watch this.