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Ernie Johnson roasted Charles Barkley with a chicken nuggets joke

Ernie is subtle, but he has the jokes sometimes, too.

Who knew Ernie Johnson could be so savage? The Inside The NBA host was just sharing some statistics on air Wednesday when Charles Barkley inadvertently rolled out the red carpet for Ernie to barrel in with this genius roast.

ERNIE: The first time in the Wizards’ playoff history that they had more blocks than turnovers.

CHUCK: That’s a good stat.

ERNIE: 10 blocks, seven turnovers.

CHUCK: That’s some good nuggets. Good thing somebody told you them.

ERNIE: That’s not the first time you’ve said, ‘Those are some good nuggets,’ either.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that was good, Ernie. I mean, we all love chicken nuggets, but I could see Chuck really diving into a plate of them. Who can blame him? And then the O’Neal lean-over-and-rub-his-belly moment completes this.

Ernie roasted (kind of) Shaquille O’Neal earlier this week, too, telling him on air about how he didn’t vote for him for MVP in 2005 and 2006. The look on Shaq’s face was priceless.

He has beaten Barkley at a three-point shooting contest, too.

OK, so it doesn’t ALWAYS work out perfectly for Ernie, but he’s trying.

Do not mess with Ernie or he might be coming for you next.