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Chimpanzee throws poop directly into grandma's face

Visitors to the chimpanzee enclosure at a Grand Rapids zoo got a lot more than they bargained for when a keen-eyed chimp showed incredible accuracy to throw its poop right into an old lady’s face.

Visitors to the John Ball Zoological Garden thought the chimp was putting on a display, but he was clearly very upset.

Any time you see a chimp doing this, it’s normally a sign something is about to go down — and down it definitely went. Within seconds, he flung poop with an underhand shot nobody saw coming.

Especially not grandma, who was just enjoying watching the primates.

The internet is firmly on poor grandma’s side. This shit happens, you know? Nothing she could have done to stop it. Just got to wipe it off, wash your hands, and try to make visit No. 2 to the zoo even better.