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A reporter congratulated Rafael Nadal on a win after he lost


Rafael Nadal lost to his longtime rival Roger Federer in the finals of the Miami Open on Sunday. Losing in the finals is always tough, especially after dropping straight sets to a rival.

Unfortunately, a reporter didn’t get the memo that Nadal had lost and asked an awkward question during a postmatch press conference:

The reporter doubled down on her error after Nadal mentioned he “lost, by the way” while shaking his head, saying that she knew, “but it’s a win anyway.”

He was a good sport and answered her question but held his blank face throughout the interaction.

This is not the first time a tennis reporter has mistakenly congratulated a player for losing a match. Tomas Berdych received an awkward question about how he felt entering the Wimbledon quarterfinals after losing a match in 2015.

Nicolas Mahut reacted in the best way possible to being mistakenly congratulated after a loss in the first round of the 2014 French Open. The moderator initially asked for questions in English, but after a reporter errored in congratulating him, Mahut changed his mind — “questions in French, please.”

Nadal was clearly not amused, but at least he took it well.