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Martellus Bennett bought state championship rings for a Chicago high school basketball team

This is awesome.

Martellus Bennett is keeping busy during the offseason. Most recently, he released a rap EP. But he’s also been doing some charitable works.

The Morgan Park Mustangs of Chicago won the Illinois Class 3A state championship title in high school basketball but lacked the money to pay for the rings typically given to the winners. Chicago Public Schools couldn’t lend a hand, so the school’s athletic director, Michael Berger, took to Twitter to get help.

It paid off.

Marty B was the second person to contact the school, but his foundation is going to pay for all of the rings. The school let Bennett tell the team himself, via FaceTime:

Bennett also plans to visit and play a few pickup games with the team. Berger wrote a letter of thanks to all the donors:

As the letter shows, Chicago-raised comedian Hannibal Buress also donated to the athletic program.

Though it’s always great to see celebrities give back, something that could go overlooked is the fact that the team the Mustangs defeated in the championship, the Fenwick High School Friars, also sent in donations for the rings — even before any celebrity donations came in. It looks like there are champions all over Chicago.