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Texas Rangers did not allow a player to wear No. 69

Not nice.

The Texas Rangers lost their season opener against the Cleveland Indians, 8-5, on Monday. It’s not an ideal way to begin the 2017 season, but it could have been nicer even without the victory.

According to Levi Weaver of WFAA Sports, an unnamed player asked if he could wear the No. 69 on the back of his jersey. The team unfortunately denied the request, and it’s something that may have happened before. Per Baseball Reference, there never has been a Texas Rangers player with the No. 69 jersey. That’s not very nice.

But just because major leaguers in Texas haven’t worn that number doesn’t mean you can’t sport it. You can easily go to MLB Shop and get a custom jersey. I did it, and the preview shows up fine. Whether the order gets rejected after the fact is a different story.

Now the only question is: Who is the Texas Rangers player who requested the number?

h/t Hardball Talk