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3 things this Akron softball player's hilariously poor slide reminds me of

Look at this mouthful of dirt.

You know how it feels when you think tomorrow is Friday, but then realize it’s only the middle of the week? This video is that feeling, in a softball play.

This happened during an Akron Zips softball game. The worst part about it is definitely how long it took her to get to the base. (Yes, I know this is in slow motion, but it still seems like it lasted forever.) It’s a bit reminiscent of the time Ian Kinsler slid dramatically into third for no reason at all.

Honestly, I can’t tell if she’s safe by her hand or her helmet.

Some other things this reminds me of:

  • Finishing a paper and realizing the requirement was two pages longer than you thought.
  • Running a marathon and thinking you’re nearly done but there’s still two miles to go.
  • Eating a large plate of spaghetti and there’s only a little bit left, not enough to save, but too much to throw away, but you’re oh so full, but your mom taught you not to waste food so damn it you better eat the rest of those noodles even if it kills you.