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Aaron Gordon only needed one shoe to dunk against the Brooklyn Nets

Who needs both shoes to dunk?

Moves like these make us wish Aaron Gordon was in the dunk contest this year.

On Thursday, the Magic star delivered an impressive dunk on the Brooklyn Nets thanks to an Elfrid Payton lob. Gordon dunks happen all the time, but what happened as soon as Gordon jumped hardly ever happens.

He left one of his shoes on the court while he took off to grab the lob. Gordon didn’t seem to notice because he was too focused on hanging on the rim so he wouldn’t fall.

This was a cool accident, but what if someone attempted this in the dunk contest next year? This is guaranteed a score of at least 45. Gordon may have inadvertently created a way for dunks to looks even flashier. If you’re reading this, please enter the dunk contest again, Aaron Gordon.