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Tim Tebow homering off pick No. 666 goes deeper than you ever imagined

There was something bizarre about Tim Tebow’s first home run while making his first appearance at bat for the Columbia Fireflies:

Yes, that’s a home run — and you might think it looks normal until you learn the significance:

A coincidence is when two remarkable things happen concurrently that have no apparent like. Fate is when something was destined to happen outside human control. This was clearly fate. ESPN’s Sam Ponder thinks it was an act of God:

But perhaps there was a larger conspiracy behind it all:

It would be easy to appreciate Tebow belting pick 666 and leave the story here. Encase it in amber for future generations to enjoy. What many have failed to realize is that this kismet goes much further than Domenic Mazza’s number. Brace yourselves.

  • Mazza was drafted in the 22nd round of 2015. Do the math. 22 - 2015 = - 1,993, or how about 1993 BC? This is around the time Stonehenge was built. Tebow not only homered off the devil, but druidism.
  • What about the name “Domenic Mazza”? If we assign every letter in his name a number and add those together, we get 130. Do the same with Tebow’s: 107. Add those together: 237 — convert back to letters and we get the initials, BCG. Ever heard of Benton Cordell Goodpasture? He was an influential preacher and writer for the Churches of Christ.
  • Tebow’s homer happened in Columbia, the name of the female personification of the United States. Tebow literally went to bat for America. The name also comes from a small town in England of the same name, which is adjacent to another U.K. town: Washington. No, it wasn’t named after George Washington. It was named after John Washington — a Benedictine monk.
  • If all this sounds like too much of a reach then consider this: Make an anagram out of “Tebow HR Mazza” and you get “A Razz Tomb Hew.” Who fooled (razz) the world with a crafted (hew) tomb? You know the answer.

There’s so much more to this home run than you first thought.