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Here's a guy who got hit in the neck by a pigeon on a roller coaster

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Ever had one of those days where you were invited to test a roller coaster, were all excited, and then got hit in the neck by a pigeon that became attached to you by the powers of centrifugal force?

No? Oh ... this guy did.

via Lydex, Reddit

It’s not entirely clear how old this video is, but darn if it isn’t impressive. It popped up on Reddit on Friday afternoon and now the world is trying to work out how this happened. Birds hitting people on roller coasters isn’t new. Remember when Fabio obliterated one with his face?

What is new, however, is just how stalwart this rider remains after taking a pigeon to the neck. Dude just keeps trying to enjoy the ride, not caring that a bird is dead and his neck is undoubtedly covered in parasites.

Let this man be a bellwether for us all. When life’s got us down and there’s a dead bird stuck to our neck, we could get upset. Or we could power through, wipe the viscera from our neck, and enjoy the ride.