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Jerry West thinks it's time for a new NBA logo, so we have some suggestions

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We got you covered

Jerry West has been the NBA Logo for a long time and he thinks the league should change it.

I understand. I wonder how many people over the years have asked him to do the pose (I’m not going to lie would have done that too).

So if the current doesn’t want to be the current logo then what should the logo be?Don’t worry Adam Silver, we have some prime nominations for you to consider.

The time Kobe Bryant called Dwight Howard “Soft”


You can’t have a new logo discussion without the G.O.A.T.

Nick Young!


Let’s not forget about the best dog to ever do it!

And of course, Andrew Bynum

So now that we have some great candidates to send to Commissioner Silver, there is only one question left.

Where do we send these?