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Tony Romo will be honorary Dallas Maverick for a day, dressed up and on the bench

Utah Jazz v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Days after Tony Romo retired from the NFL and announced a move to a broadcasting career with CBS, the Mavericks said they will make the former Cowboys quarterback a “Maverick for a day,” according to ESPN’s Marc Stein.

This will reportedly take place during Tuesday’s home game against the Nuggets, the final home game of the regular season. According to Stein, this is slightly more than an honorary event, as the Mavericks will actually dress up Romo in their gear and have him sit on the bench. But unfortunately, he won’t actually play during the game, which would’ve been neat (and maybe a little weird) to see — he hasn’t played competitively since high school. Here’s Romo hanging out at Duke in 2015, and playing with Quinn Cook:

Apparently, owner Mark Cuban had been teasing this for a week, making a cheeky reference to Romo in response to questions about Seth Curry being out for the rest of the season:

Cuban has said on multiple occasions over the past week that the club would be looking to add "a pass-first point guard" before playing out the season's final five days.

Romo’s definitely had his fair share of attending Mavericks games:

Utah Jazz v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

But it’s neat to see Romo getting a nice send-off from the city he spent his entire NFL career with. (Still, coach Rick Carlisle should totally put Romo in during garbage time — you know, just to see what would happen.)