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Pirates fans can play Super Mario Bros. on new right field LED screen


The Pittsburgh Pirates made a few upgrades to PNC Park and, holy crap, fans can play Super Mario Bros. in right field.

This is not merely a good idea — it is a great one.

There aren’t many games that would entice me, as a fan, to get out of my seat and entertain the masses. But this wins. The touch screen is huge (11’0 high and 136’0 long), and the actual moving around makes it seem like the player is accomplishing a workout too.

When it’s time to play ball, the beautiful new LED screen reverts back into a scoreboard:

Millions of dollars were spent during the offseason in improvements to the field, and the LED screen was made to keep the old-school feel of the park, while making the necessary upgrades.

Bless you, sweet, sweet technology.