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Steph Curry released more ugly shoes and people keep roasting them on Twitter

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Pick up your La-Z-Boy 7s today.

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So ... Under Armour just released the newest edition of Stephen Curry shoes.

They actually came out on limited release a couple weeks ago, in honor of South Carolina making the Final Four. Convenient — SC = Steph Curry = South Carolina.

Form your own opinions, folks, but I daresay it’s time for STEPH SHOE ROAST 2K17.

First off, they’re called “Oxblood Leather.” That is the name of a loafer, not a sneaker. Second, they’re not just called that — they are leather. They’re going to have to install shoe shine stations courtside at Oracle Arena.

“They’re perfect for when you're at your kid's dance recital, but also planning to sneak out to shoot some hoops at the school gym,” SB Nationer Mark Hinog said.

Also, they’re nice for when you’re going to church, but have to head straight to the court afterward. Ball is life.

Both these jokes had me crying.

Another one of my coworkers renamed them.

They don’t just look like a couch.

Perhaps they’re even magic?

I just ... I can’t anymore.

Say it again one more time for the people in the back:

Ball. Is. Life.