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Tim Tebow hit 2nd home run in his 3rd game with Columbia Fireflies


Well, it’s game number three for Tim Tebow with the Columbia Fireflies, and the man just hit his second dinger.

Tebow hit his first home run in his first at-bat and it just barely cleared the fence. Sunday’s 3-run blast was a no-doubter.

Tebow has two home runs, and that is currently more home runs than the following MLB players:

  1. Edwin Encarnacion
  2. Matt Holliday
  3. Adam Jones
  4. Troy Tulowitzki
  5. Adam Lind
  6. Carlos Gomez
  7. Chris Davis
  8. Daniel Murphy
  9. Mark Trumbo
  10. Brandon Crawford

Just to name a few.

Maybe this whole baseball thing will turn into something legit. Maybe? Maybe?