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Disastrous public proposal leaves Fenway Park chanting 'SHE SAID NO!'

A public proposal at the Red Sox game on Sunday night turned into worst night on earth for one man. Just before 10 p.m., a fan decided to pop the question during a break, and you probably have guessed where this is going.

The Red Sox did their best to preserve the dignity of the fan whose girlfriend clearly said “no” when he asked her to marry him — but fans decided not to let this go.

Just imagine for a second that you poured your heart into a public proposal, got told no, now you’re contemplating what happened to your life and what you’ll do now, all while an entire stadium is chanting “She said no!” over and over and over again. This is a Sisyphean torment of the utmost kind.

There’s no video of the aftermath of the proposal (thankfully for the guy involved) but one intrepid fan captured video of them arguing after the proposal.

The security guard and camera guy make this incredible. They’re trapped on a catwalk during the most awkward moment anyone can endure and there’s absolutely nothing they can do.

At times like this we need to reflect on the public sports proposal and ask once again ...

Propose responsibly, kids.