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Celtics fans chant "F*** you Oubre" in Kelly Oubre's return to Boston

Oubre shoved Kelly Olynyk in Game 3 and was suspended, and Boston didn’t treat him nicely in Game 5.

Celtics fans didn’t have a warm welcome for Kelly Oubre, the Wizards guard who was ejected from Game 3 for a charging shove of Kelly Olynyk. Oubre also received a suspension for Game 4, and his return in Game 5 was met with chants of “F*** you Oubre.”

Initially, the Boston crowd chanted “We want Oubre” before he had entered the game, and he was booed when Wizards head coach Scott Brooks subbed him in. But the chants became more vicious later on.

Oubre lashed out at Olynyk during Game 3 after a second screen he felt was dirty, and Olynyk’s play caused a national debate around the NBA about whether he was a dirty player. Several players around the league think so, although his team unsurprisingly has his back.

Oubre had six points early in the fourth quarter, but with the Celtics crushing the Wizards, there was nothing he could really say about it.