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Tom Brady plays as Seahawks and Packers in 'Madden,' because his son keeps picking Patriots

Getty Images/Jon Bois-SB Nation

It was announced on Friday that Tom Brady will be on the cover of Madden NFL 18: G.O.A.T Edition, which is either great or worrisome, depending on whether you believe in the Madden Curse (Brady does not.) In the wake of this news, Brady revealed a bit about his history with the Madden franchise that isn’t just as a playable character in the game.

In an interview with ESPN, Brady revealed he used to work out at Electronic Arts’ gym, since they were located in his hometown, and he had a family friend that worked there. He also revealed that whenever he plays Madden with his son Jack, most times he has to face the video game version of Tom Brady and the Patriots:

When he does play Madden, Brady said he usually finds himself overmatched by the oldest of his three children, 9-year-old Jack, who often chooses the Patriots as his team, forcing his father to compete against his own franchise.

"I don't like doing it," Brady said. "It does feel weird. I feel like I'm going up against my own guys that I love. Julian [Edelman] catches a pass, and I've got to tackle him. I've been Green Bay, because I like that offense. And I've been Seattle, because I love being that defense.

On the one hand, it’s adorable that Jack wants to play as his dad in video game form; all the championships in the world can’t compare to your own kid wanting to be like you, like most children would look up to comic book heroes. It’s also cool to see Brady acknowledge how good the Packers and Seahawks are, especially after meeting Seattle at Super Bowl XLIX.

On the other hand, I wish these matchups would be recorded on video, just so everyone can see how much Brady struggles playing against his video game self. Get a Twitch account, Tom. We need to see your son school you in Madden as Touchdown Tom.