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Gregg Popovich's strategy vs. Warriors is to 'pray,’ and Stephen Curry loves it

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NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We’re at the point in the NBA playoffs where it’s about to be down to the conference finals. The Eastern Conference Finals matchup has yet to be decided as the Celtics and Wizards have a Game 7 to play on Monday while the Cavaliers wait patiently. The Western Conference Finals between the Spurs and Warriors, however, are about to be underway on Sunday, and it will surely be a tough matchup for both teams.

Gregg Popovich knows how good Golden State is — in an interview with reporters during Saturday’s practice, he was asked what his game plan will be against the Warriors. Pop had a cheeky response to that:


Later that day, that quote was relayed to Stephen Curry during his team’s respective practice, and he couldn’t help but give props to Pop’s sense of humor:

At least one blessing fell onto Spurs fans’ laps on Saturday: Pop told reporters Kawhi Leonard will be playing Game 1, after being out with an ankle injury he suffered during Game 5 against the Rockets.