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'Parks and Recreation' co-creator riles up Twitter by roasting Derek Jeter

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Derek Jeter’s number is being retired on Sunday, and whether you hate or love the New York Yankees, or even Jeter himself, what he’s accomplished deserves some appreciation. Mike Schur — Boston Red Sox fan; creator, writer, and producer of many excellent TV shows; as well as “Ken Tremendous” of Fire Joe Morgan fame — took some time to tweet about Jeter, mainly that he doesn’t deserve getting his number retired by the Yankees.

It’s quite an adventure:

And then eventually Schur revealed that he was totally kidding, that he ultimately respects (sorry, RE2PECT2) Jeter, and that he wrote that Twitter thread to rile people up:

Many people responded in kind to Schur when they realized he was joking. Here’s just a small handful of responses.

Huge round of applause to Mike Schur for this. Well played.