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Eric Sogard's adorable daughter cried her heart out after Brewers lost

The Brewers will win next time!

Eric Sogard’s daughter, Saydee, is the best baseball fan. She and her mom, Kaycee, saw the Milwaukee Brewers play the San Diego Padres on Monday. The game went to extra innings and Eric delivered a home run. Unfortunately, Eric’s Brewers lost to the Padres and poor Saydee didn’t like that.

Saydee is bawling while she’s trying to figure out why the Brewers lost despite her dad doing what he could to get the Brewers a win. Luckily for her, mom was there to explain it to her. Still, that doesn’t make the feeling of a loss any better. This is such a sweet moment.

Cry your heart out, Saydee. That just means you’re passionate about the sport.

The Padres didn’t mean to make her cry, but they did make it up to her with face painting and cupcakes the very next day: