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Cam Newton has been on the male romper trend for weeks now, actually

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

We’ve waited long enough. It’s time to talk about the latest trend: rompers. Or RompHims, if you’re getting technical.

In case you have taken an oath of avoiding the internet, rompers are for everyone now.

People had feelings. Not everyone is down for this universal romper. Martellus Bennett went on a whole tweet rampage that he has since deleted, but the remnants can be found here.

But HELLO has anyone else noticed that Cam Newton, as usual, was way ahead of this trend?!

Remember his Coachella look?

A ROMPER. Maybe not. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be in two pieces. But there’s also a belt. I’m not entirely sure. However, the continuous look is the same.

And pairing it with the Bruno Mars straw hat, quite frankly, slayed! Even if you’re not sure how to feel about these pastel bros running around the Kentucky Derby, you have to admit, Cam really pulled it off.

The NBA on TNT crew also tried the RompHims out, via Photoshop.

There’s so much to take in here. What is the thing coming out of Reggie’s head? What’s with the fur coat but otherwise summer gear? Most unbelievably, Shaq seems to be a smaller man (yes, I know he is squatting).

The Indians, though, are putting their romper where their mouth is.

PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A GIVEAWAY. Rompers for everyone, please.