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Tom Brady is designing an Aston Martin, and it can be yours for $360,000

Any Patriots fans have a little extra cash lying around?

Tom Brady signed a new endorsement deal with Aston Martin earlier this year, and part of the deal included a curious clause: He gets to design a car.

via @DarrenRovell, Twitter

It was reported in May that only 12 of the Brady-designed cars will ever be sold, which will not only make it one of the rarest cars on the market — but also hedges Aston Martin’s losses in case Brady’s car doesn’t make an impact. It’s essentially a more intelligent marketing idea than that of Powell Motors, which released the infamous “The Homer” in 1991.

While the original price was reportedly going to be $212,000 in May, the car is now on sale five months later at a cool $359,950 each.

There’s an added football layer to this. It’s rumored that Brady will help rebrand the classic DB11 and launch the DB12, which fits in with his jersey number, and there’s the report that only 12 will be sold — but there’s one eerie coincidence about Tom Brady coming into an organization and helping replace DB11.

Remember Drew Bledsoe? Who wore No. 11? And got replaced by Tom Brady? Aaaah memories. It’ll be interesting to see if the car Brady designs has a small freezer in the glove box to keep avocado ice cream cold.