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How did this Alabama softball player get tagged out while celebrating her game-tying home run?

There was an incredible scene on Monday during a softball game between Alabama and Ole Miss when a batter celebrated her home run, only to be called out after it was all over.

Gotta touch the plate. (via @sportscenter)

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Bailey Hemphill hit a clear home run and everyone thought the game was tied 3-3 in the third inning. One problem: She never touched home plate.

Hemphill jumped over the plate and celebrated with her teammates before the umpire handed a new ball to the Ole Miss pitcher.

Ole Miss, realizing what happened — appealed to the umpire.

Section 7.1.2 of the NCAA softball rule book deals with dead-ball appeals. Essentially the game ball that was hit over the fence needed to be replaced by the umpire, at which time Ole Miss were allowed to appeal to the umpire and tell him they wanted to get the runner out. This is why Ole Miss were able to get the out, even though the ball was over the fence.

This is clinched in section 12.9.1.

The runner is out after a proper appeal:

12.9.1 When she fails to touch each base (including home plate) in order when advancing or returning to a base. Either the runner or the missed base may be tagged.

In concert these two rules resulted in Hemphill hitting the ball out of the park, jumping over home plate while celebrating — then Ole Miss appealing the umpire who agreed Hemphill missed home, and allowing them to get her out.

One of Hemphill’s teammates told her that Ole Miss was appealing and that she needed to run back and tag home.

But it was too late ...

This is one of the weirdest things you’ll see in a while.