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Marshawn Lynch led a massive bike ride in Oakland and it was awesome

Marshawn Lynch is making the most of the NFL offseason, while we wait for his return to the NFL as part of the Oakland Raiders. What better way to celebrate Oakland than a bike ride through the Bay Area with Lynch and hundreds of his fans? That’s what happened on Saturday afternoon — the event was organized by Lynch’s friends at SE Bikes, and his special guest appearance was heavily promoted on their social media.

The end result was a mass of humanity on their bikes, riding from Oakland to Berkeley, and Lynch saying hello to everyone that greeted him. According to SF Gate, there was an estimated 300-400 people that participated:

Lynch didn’t just bike around with fans, he was also streaming live on Instagram Stories, and regrettably, that app does not archive streams. So unfortunately, there isn’t any recorded footage from his perspective of the bike ride. It’s a bummer, because from what I recall on the stream, one of Lynch’s pals did a really sick wheelie for what felt like a minute.

Here’s a testimonial from Marshawn on how sick his friend’s wheelie was:

Here’s Marshawn at the start of the route:

There was also one point when an SUV got in the middle of the parade, just a few feet from where Lynch was. You can see Lynch, wearing Raiders black, on the right side of this video and streaming on his phone:

#oaklandrideout @beastmode #beastmoderipper

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All of this is ultimately a reminder of how cool and down-to-earth Marshawn Lynch is with his fans, especially back home in Oakland. It’s going to be so awesome to see him play football again.