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William Nylander tackled Henrik Lundqvist like a linebacker after Sweden won World Championships

That’s one way to celebrate a Worlds win!

Henrik Lundqvist and his twin brother Joel shared a wonderful moment on Sunday, winning the IIHF World Championship gold medal for Sweden in a shootout win over Canada.

But before they could celebrate, they had to make sure a teammate hadn’t destroyed Henrik. When Lundqvist made the final save on Canada’s Mitch Marner, the Swedes poured over the bench to hug him.

William Nylander reached him first like a linebacker reaching the quarterback.

Oof. You think Rangers’ front office people didn’t wince at that? Another twist to this is that Nylander and Marner were rookie teammates with the Maple Leafs this year. No sympathy in international play!

Canada, by the way, had won two straight worlds before this. Sweden hadn’t won gold since 2013.