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Steph Curry has terrible taste in pizza

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ayesha Curry went on the Upsell podcast with Eater to discuss food, cookbooks, and her happiness. Along the way we learned some fascinating things about her husband Steph’s food habits.

Despite growing up with a father in the NBA it appears Steph didn’t develop a taste for the finer things. Ayesha Curry explained to Eater’s Helen Rosner and Greg Morabito.

GM: Is he a food guy?

AC: He wasn't. He wasn't at all.

HR: The look on your face! I'm sorry, I just need to clarify for our audio listeners, who cannot see your face when you're like He wasn't. That's such a face of — that was a wife face. I know that face. I have made that face before.

AC: No, he really wasn't. When we first started dating he was like, "Oh, you went to the grocery store and you didn't get the Red Baron pizza?" And I'm like "No, I didn't. I did not get the Red Baron pizza." He was like a Red Baron pizza — anywhere pizza, pizza's great, but not every day — he was a chicken tenders, ramen noodle guy. But not the good ramen. The one-minute joints.

HR: The six-packs-for-a-dollar stuff.

AC: Yes, and they're delicious! But not every day. He was a college-food man.

Now, everyone can get down on some cheap ramen. If you pretend that stuff isn’t delicious, you’re only lying to yourself because nobody else in the world will believe you. If Ramen wasn’t mostly saturated fat it would be the world’s most perfect food.

That said, we need to discuss the whole Red Baron pizza thing. Steph clearly prescribes to the “any pizza is good pizza,” but even then Red Baron doesn’t rank super high in the pantheon of frozen pizza.

Steph’s love of the food is so great it transcends grocery stores too.

AC: I've been traveling for quite a while and I cannot wait to get back to my family. He's really been holding down the fort. Yesterday — and this is one of the scariest thoughts in my life, to do on my own, is to take the kids to the movies by myself — he took the kids to the movies by himself! And had the best time!

HR: Wow. What movie?

AC: Boss Baby.

HR: Okay. What was his snack strategy?

AC: Exactly. Pizza, buttery popcorn, and candy.

HR: Wait, he got movie theater pizza? I've literally never known anybody ever to get the pizza at the movie theater.

AC: He did it. I told you, he loves pizza.

HR: It sounds like he loves terrible pizza. Which is its own beautiful form of pizza. But it's a distinct entity.

AC: Well he gave it to the kids. Which is definitely why they were sitting nicely through the movie. And I think why, when they got home, they were bouncing off the wall.

Movie theater pizza and Red Baron frozen pizza. Steph, we love you — but your taste in pizza needs a lot of work sir. Listen to the whole podcast here.