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Joey Votto absolutely schooled these hecklers on camera

Joey Votto handled a heckler on Monday night in a unique way. He didn’t turn his back or ignore the insults — instead, he just kept dropping haymakers.

Here’s the full exchange:

Fan: I remember when you used to be good.

Votto: I remember when you used to be thin.

Fan: That was around the same time you used to be good.

Votto: Now you guys are just talking, you’re not stating facts. I’m using facts.

Fan: The fact is you were standing on third base when the ball wasn’t even in his hand like a deer in headlights saying “Dammit what am I doing standing on third, I’m supposed to be on second!”

Votto: You know what the difference is? Right now this guy is filming this. I’ve got something to lose. You guys don’t even have a life so you’ve got nothing to lose at all.

Fan: Exactly.

Votto: So it looks terrible if I’m here talking to you guys.

Fan: That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

These guys thought they’d have fun getting under the skin of a famous ball player and he schooled them in the end.