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J.R. Smith's daughter went home after 5 months in neonatal care

Baby Dakota was born five months premature.

May 23rd was one of the best days of J.R. Smith’s life, and it has nothing to do with basketball.

Smith and his wife, Shirley, had a baby in January. Her name is Dakota. Baby Dakota was born five months early and had to be placed in the prenatal intensive care unit.

But five months later, and baby Dakota was finally able to go home! On Instagram, J.R. posted a photo just before his game against the Celtics on Tuesday night.

We Walked In Together We Walked Out Together!! Thank you so much to our extended family at the #NICU You all are truly the WORLDS GREATEST!

Prior to Game 3 of the NBA Finals, J.R. and Shirley spoke about their experience.

On her blog, Shirley Smith announced that baby Kota is now a healthy 7lbs. 5oz.

I took this selfie yesterday with our 7lb 5oz lil boo. Because God hold her so high She is aligned with the sun, stars and the moon :)

That same day, Smith thanked both Michelle Ivancic and Dr. Jennifer Peterson, who helped baby Dakota throughout her journey at Hillcrest Hospital.

We’re so glad to see baby Dakota going home. Ball is life, but family is everything.