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LaVar Ball coached LaMelo's AAU team to 52-point loss

LaMelo’s Big Ballers lost 109-57 to Compton Magic.

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Of course LaVar Ball’s AAU team is named after his family. The Big Ballers, on which LaMelo Ball plays, got beaten badly on Saturday.

The Compton Magic dominated from the beginning, getting out 19-2, and ultimately winning 109-57.

To make things worse for LaMelo, his Chino Hills high school teammate, Onyeka Okongwu, plays for the Magic.

According to Ballislife, the teams were not evenly matched, with the much larger players on the Magic. You can see some of that in this video.

USA TODAY’s Josh Peter said LaVar barely eased up on the trash talking, though. He yelled at the refs when they called fouls on his players, “Nobody’s here to see you! Nobody’s here to see you.”

Peter also got a video of LaVar talking to his players at halftime, trying to rile them up.

“When you play basketball, you play for entertainment,” he shouted. “Twenty-five points is not entertainment.” In the video, LaVar can be seen wearing one of Big Baller Brand’s new shirts, which he released following his interaction with Kristine Leahy, reading “Stay in Yo Lane.”

LaVar repeated the entertainment sentiment later, telling another player, “This ain’t nothing but entertainment. You want to know what I’m going to do when I get out of here? I’m going to get a burger, lay down and take a nap.”

Just whose entertainment were the Big Ballers playing for? Big brother Lonzo was on hand to see the beatdown, as was NBA MVP candidate James Harden.


After the game, LaVar posed for photos with fans, despite his team’s hard loss.

Of course, we all knew LaVar was in the business of entertainment long before this. To him, it’s linked with basketball inextricably. How you make a 52-point loss entertaining is a mystery to me, but it seems LaVar sure tried.