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Patty Mills gave us the flop of the NBA playoffs

This is the best one. There’s no question.

Please pray for Patty Mills, who was tragically taken out by a long-range missile while attempting to play defense on James Harden. I mean, I don’t see any other explanation for him falling over on defense right here, unless something had got him from the rafters.

Referees may have been looking to “give” the next close call to San Antonio, seeing how Spurs fans had loudly complained about the previous call that went Harden’s way on the same offensive possession.

If they did, though, that wasn’t the right call at all. Harden was clearly whacked in the face by LaMarcus Aldridge’s elbow, and the call was properly reviewed and deemed to not be a flagrant foul. Mills, however, had an amazing flail that somehow tricked the referees and saved his team points.