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Nashville aquarium deploys traitorous penguins to win Stanley Cup war vs. Pittsburgh zoo

The best thing that happens when two teams meet in a championship series is all the fringe beef that happens between cities. This week the Pittsburgh and Nashville zoos are facing off, showing how much their animals love their teams.

Let’s see what Pittsburgh is bringing to the table ...

This is a good effort. Having actual penguins is a really nice touch that helps sell everything. Only question is why you’d put an actual, autographed rally towel underwater.

Score: 7/10, good use of penguins. Needs more direct penguin interaction.

On to Nashville ...

This is the furthest thing from a predator anyone could ever find. Unless you’re sentient birdseed, then this is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen.

Now THIS is some good-ass animal use. Tiny adorable predators held by Knash, the Predators’ mascot. Very good. Well done.

On these two tweets alone we’d give Nashville a 7/10. Lorikeets were a misstep that pull down the average greatness of the tiny cats, but there was another trick up the Nashville Zoo’s sleeve.


Score: 10/10 Nashville wins!