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Shaq took his horrifying big toe to get a pedicure and put it on Instagram

Every job has a level of hell. A server might need to deal with a kitchen that’s run out of everything. Perhaps a plumber has a pipe that’s ruptured. For a pedicurist, there is a horror nobody can be prepared for — Shaquille O’Neal’s feet.

This video stems from last week when Shaq showed off his horrific feet during halftime of the Eastern Conference Finals. It was too much for the world to handle.

Dealing with this thing is a mountain of a task, but this pedicurist is a hero for trying to deal with the mass of foot in front of her. It took two hands and a whole lot of pressure to make it though his toenail.

Nobody blames her for averting her eyes when scrubbing the crusty mass and de-crustifying it.

And when it was all over Shaq asked for glitter nail polish, because why not.

This pedicurist went above and beyond the call of duty and hopefully Shaq gave her the tip of a lifetime — because she deserves it.