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This surprisingly polite Boston bar sign literally wants Yankees and Cubs fans to read between the lines

One bar in Boston is being very polite to out-of-town sports visitors. The only catch is that you need to be close to their sign to read it.

via DevilOfArRamadi, Reddit

A Reddit user spotted this sign outside Audubon, just a five-minute walk from Fenway Park. It proudly proclaims “NO YANKEES FANS. NO CUBS FANS. SOX FANS ONLY. GO SOX!!” until you literally read between the lines.


Will be mistreated here. We’re open minded, ya know? There’s no reason to be jerks about it.


Will be turned away. People from Chicago need to eat too, and we’re just here to make people happy.

SOX FANS aren’t the ONLY

ones who can eat here ... but they are our favorite.


This is a very creative way to make sure you appear from a distance like you’re only for the home team while secretly being welcoming to everyone. Well done.