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LeBron James offered to buy Drake margaritas after destroying the Raptors again

After Game 3 in Toronto, in which the Cavs beat the Raptors and are now one game away from another playoff sweep, ESPN’s Dave McMenamin tweeted a moment when LeBron James and Drake interacted by the lockers. Apparently, it wasn’t enough that James led his team to another victory against Toronto; per McMenamin, James saw Drake by the lockers and teased him by asking, “Where are we headed tonight? Margaritas on me.”

This was after James practiced (and made) a left-handed shot during the game just because he could. He really isn’t making it easy for Toronto. Drake, on the other hand, had his fair share of egging on the Cavs during Game 3. Obviously, it didn’t work.

This is not the first time James and Drake had friendly and (kind of) unfriendly interactions. You may recall that time James yelled at Drake last year, but it was followed by a friendly hug backstage after the Cavs beat the Raptors and advanced to the finals. A few months later, James hung out on stage while Drake performed “Pop Style” at a Columbus, Ohio concert.

It remains to be seen if James and Drake actually got margaritas after the game. But judging from that moment, the left-handed shot, the time LeBron grabbed a beer during Game 1 and pretended he drank from it, it’s obvious that he’s having more fun than usual, even if it’s at the expense of his Canadian friend.

LeBron wants to celebrate the Game 3 victory ... with Drake.

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