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Eddie Lacy had a garage sale for Packers fans, and they cleaned house

Now that Eddie Lacy is with the Seattle Seahawks, he has the rest of the offseason to pack up and settle in Seattle. He didn’t want to leave Green Bay without doing something special for the fans, however.

So this week, Lacy put a call out for a garage sale in his neighborhood, letting Packers fans buy some memorabilia and practical items (like furniture), the proceeds of which will go to charity, while also helping Lacy lighten the load before he moves.

And there was a lot of stuff.

Thankfully, there were plenty of Packers fans who were happy to stop by and clean out the house.

That six-piece sectional that Lacy referenced in the above tweet? Someone finally bought it on Saturday morning after he dropped the price.

This was a really cool way for Lacy to say goodbye to Packers fans, and if he ever ends up moving from Seattle after a few years with the Seahawks, hopefully he’ll have a similarly cool garage sale for the fans over there.