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The Yankees and Cubs’ 6-hour, 18-inning marathon descended into late-night absurdity

They ran out of baseballs!

Yankees vs. Cubs wasn’t so much a baseball game as a late-night marathon that descended into the absurd. It took 18 innings for the Yankees to win, over six hours, and when it was all over fans were left to shuffle home, exhausted and with the realization the work day would be upon them in just a few short hours.

A total of 15 pitchers made an appearance in the game and combined for an MLB-record 48 strikeouts. The game went so long that Wrigley Field ran out of baseballs and more had to be brought in during the 15th inning.

Fans did their best both at home, and in the stadium to stick around until the bitter end — but we totally forgive them for succumbing to just how long this thing went on.

Although the length of the game did lead to an incredible moment.

The only way a fan could reasonably be expected to survive this game is with the aid of beer, but Wrigley Field didn’t really know how to deal with the length of the game. Like all games, sales were turned off in the 7th inning.

Then turned back on ...

The turned off again ...

Fans sat through six innings without any access to beer. That’s dedication. When it was all said and done, we witnessed the longest interleague game in history, the longest Sunday Night Baseball game in history, the most strikeouts in MLB history, and a whole lot of exhausted Cubs and Yankees fans this morning.

If you see someone who stayed up to watch all of this, consider grabbing them a cup of coffee this morning.