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Charles Barkley says the NHL playoffs are more fun than the NBA playoffs this year

And Sports Twitter exploded. Probably. Soon.

NCAA Men's Final Four - National Championship - Villanova v North Carolina Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Do you like close, down-to-the-wire playoff games? Hopefully you’re watching the NHL playoffs and not the NBA playoffs, which have been inundated with blowout after blowout.

Oh, don’t roll your eyes. We know. There’s few things Generic Hockey Fan loves more this time of year than tugging the shirt of Generic NBA Fan to tell them how fun playoff hockey is or how much tougher hockey players are than basketball players. #PleaseLikeMySport is a thing.

But now it has an ally in Charles Barkley, of all people.

Don’t know how we got to Zambonis in there, but that led to this Barkley comment:

“Speaking of a Zamboni, thank God for the NHL Playoffs. That’s what I would be watching in the back instead of some of these blowouts.”

This is nothing new from Barkley, who once told Sportsnet that he watches every NHL playoff game because he loves the thrill. Please send this video to every NBA fan you know until they #PleaseLikeYourSport.