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How can Mr. Met get in trouble for giving someone the middle finger if he doesn’t have one?!

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Punishing Mr. Met would be an injustice.

Goodness, the New York Mets are a hot mess this season. The Mets have a whole slew of issues, from sitting at a disappointing 23-28 to dealing with a problem who starts with an M and rhymes with Batt Harvey. Now, they’ve got (drumroll please) mascot drama.

In case you weren’t paying attention to baseball Wednesday, the internet freaked out when it found out Mets mascot Mr. Met flipped off a fan after a brutal 7-1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. He’s since been relieved of his duties as a mascot, the AP reports.

Here’s a screenshot from a video Tony T (@adelucia25) tweeted:

My first reaction was: Oh no, Mr. Met. (What is you doing?) That’s not kid friendly.

But HOLD THE PHONE. My co-worker raised a really good point:

I may not hold a Ph.D in math, but if I can recall the days where I watched Sesame Street with Count von Count, that’s one, one finger ... two, two fingers ... three, three fingers ... four, four fabulous fingers, ha ha ha.

I don’t see a middle finger. What kind of cruel, sick world do we live in if Mr. Met gets in trouble for giving someone the middle finger if he doesn’t have one?

It’s clear Mr. Met is the victim here. A lifetime of anguish as a Mets fan set the kindling, the abuse of jumping through character assessment hoops to get to even put on that giant baseball head sparked the flint, and then the Mets 2017 season blew the whole danged thing up.