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Titans offensive linemen gleefully chugged beers with dead catfish during Stanley Cup

Nashville is standing as one during the Stanley Cup Finals, and on Wednesday members of the Titans made sure they had great seats, and brought some catfish, too. Oh, they also shared their beers with the dead fish for ... reasons.

It’s Marcus Mariota and his whole Titans offensive line, which is some solid team building. Mariota is obviously the designated driver, and good for him. The real star of this video is Quinton Spain, who is front and center with his shirt off, happy as can be, and sharing his beer with a catfish.

Kudos to the fish market that cleaned this fish, because judging from the lack of beer spilling out of its tail-end, we can see this was a very well done job. Titans players are just having too much fun between this, chugging beers for the crowd, and Taylor Lewan cutting his finger on a tallboy.

The Predators might be down 0-2 in the series, but they’ll always have this moment.