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Spelling bee contestant has mic drop moment by finishing word in 5 seconds

When it comes to the Scripps Spelling Bee, if you know a word, you have to shoot your shot. 14-year-old Shourav Dasari had his clutch moment during the championship finals on Thursday. His word was Mogollon, and he spelled it out in 5 seconds, not giving ESPN time to show the word on the screen for the audience. As soon as he was done, he walked back to his seat with swagger, smiling like he pulled up a half-court shot at the NBA Finals. The best part: His mom and sister’s reactions to young Shourav dunking on the other contestants and Dr. Jacques Bailly, like he didn’t even need the definition or language of origin.

Minutes later, Dasari was eliminated by the word Struldbrug, which is a bummer, but he should be proud that he got one of the best highlights at this year’s Spelling Bee.

It’s so good, it deserves a “Thug Life” remix.