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LeBron James was a 'Gatorade baby,' according to J.R. Smith

LeBron James’ self alley-oop in Game 4 was one of the defining moments of the NBA Finals so far. J.R. Smith was asked about it in a post-game interview and had a curious way to describe it.

This raises one very important question: What is a Gatorade baby?

  1. Is it a very well hydrated baby who is destined for greatness?
  2. A baby who is never raised on milk and instead Gatorade?
  3. A baby only fed Gatorade baby food (which Amazon thinks is a thing)?
  4. A baby who grew up watching Gatorade ads as its only means of entertainment?
  5. A baby grown in a vat of Gatorade by scientists?

The mind races.