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The Patriots' Super Bowl ring ceremony was a hell of a good time

This ring ceremony had everything: Bill Belichick smiling, boxes of Popeyes, Gucci Mane...

While everyone was glued to the TV watching the Cavaliers prevent a sweep at the NBA Finals, the New England Patriots were busy celebrating their Super Bowl win with a ring ceremony. Players got together at a venue, where everyone had a lock box at their table holding their Super Bowl ring, and all they had to do was figure out a three-digit code to the lock. (It was 8-3-1.)

What a moment! #blessings #enjoy #behumble #iwastradedfora6thpick #thankyou #patriots

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Inside the ring is an engraved message that says “Greatest Comeback Ever,” a kinder way to say the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead at Super Bowl LI.

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Things that happened at the ring ceremony:

Bill Belichick was there with all of his rings and a smile:

Popeyes was served at the event, which is perfect. James White had the ideal caption:

Tom Brady rapped some of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang”:

Speaking of Snoop Dogg, he was there performing some songs for the team while wearing a Patriots hat:

Brady also came through with all his hardware, while Martellus Bennett was thrilled to show off his one ring:

Bennett, who now plays for the Packers, also caught up with Gronk and called out Aaron Rodgers, saying he has to get another ring with Green Bay. Gronk jokingly interrupted with “No, no he doesn’t!”

Probably the most savage part of the evening, however, was when Robert Kraft brought out Gucci Mane, twisting the knife a bit more into Atlanta’s heart. But to be fair, Gucci Mane’s got a hustle, and you can’t knock the hustle. He probably would have been thrilled if this was the Falcons’ ring ceremony, but I’m also sure he got paid well for performing there, and Gucci’s got to eat:

Tonight's special guest performers: @snoopdogg & @laflare1017!

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So congrats, Patriots. You’re the most divisive team in the NFL, but you know how to throw a party and that deserves props.